Haiti: The Aftershocks of History (Dubois)

Whatever you want to say about what the French did to Haiti, the US occupation, of which I was only vaguely aware, was staggering, both in its duration and its brutality. Dubois has a bias here, with the Haitian people, especially those in the rural area so often disconnected from Port au Prince. There are Haitians responsible here, the number who sought to stay in power by changing the constitution. But from Woodrow Wilson wondering whether what he authorized was legal to the ambiguous circumstances surrounding Aristide’s exit, the US has been guilty of corporate imperialism for many years now. Dubois ends his very readable account a note of hope. I finished it without one. Even the various NGOs and organizations trying to help seem to have run amok. What country will emerge after the reconstruction from the Jan. 2010 earthquake is finished? If it’s finished? If went there first in the interests of “Pan Americanism,” what are we doing now?


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