Imagine: How Creativity Works (Lehrer)

How do you define creativity? How do you cultivate it? How do you assess it? What is it?

Jonah Lehrer’s extremely accessible scientific writing makes these (and other) questions come alive. He moves back and forth between anecdote and science in a persuasive fashion, and his ideas have implications for anyone and everyone. His arguments for dissent and against traditional brainstorming, for centrally located bathrooms and against the idea that the internet has already created a new kind of community are just plain inspiring.

And, in the end, this book is also hopeful. There are places as well as known as Pixar and as little known as the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (the drama teacher there has posted a sign that says FAIL BIG) that understand how to develop and sustain the culture of creativity.

This book goes high on my list of books that have changed the way I think about the world. . .


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