I actually finished this 4 days ago, just missing (by two days) my goal of reading the 1st Movement of this 12-book series over Spring Break. I continue to like it. I continue to be surprised by the apparent centrality of Uncle Giles, though he’s rarely ever center stage. The characters are getting older and the relationships more entangled and complex. I’m a little puzzled by why I’m having such a positive reaction to it. It lacks (for me – and this is likely about my limited understanding of it) the social bite of Austen, but it has a similar feel – class, trends, etc.. The books are tied to a time without being tied to what’s happening at that time. That’s probably intentional. These characters are too self-absorbed.

I will probably have to get over my desire to have a complete set of the same edition. Then again, I’m not going to dive into the 2nd movement (Books 4-6) too soon.