1Q84 – Part II (Murakami)

Sometimes, the middle part of a trilogy can be a letdown, serving only as a bridge from the beginning to the end. Not so the case here. Murakami not only amps up the weirdness, but also does much more to intertwine his two narratives and his two narrators. There are a few nice surprises in the plot and even a few tender moments (I’m trying to avoid spoilers). Like the characters, I’m mystified by what Murakmi is doing, but unlike the characters, I’m enjoying letting it all unravel. I’m looking forward to part III.


2 Replies to “1Q84 – Part II (Murakami)”

  1. I’m reading 1Q84 at the moment but am still only on Book One so it’s good to know that Murakami sustains the weirdness 🙂

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