By Nightfall (Cunningham)

This was an awesome audiobook experience. If you’ve never heard Hugh Dancy’s voice (he’s great in The Big C), you have to find a way to do it. He’s a perfect match for Cunningham’s material.

And Cunningham has just nailed it here. His language is precise, and he has absolutely captured the internal and external world of his protagonist, Peter Harris. The opening scene, in the taxi, is pure genius. I will likely buy the book just so I can read it again.

Aside from an inclination (like Sam Mendes in American Beauty) to imbue a drifting plastic bag with far too much significance, I have nothing but praise for this book. For a few minutes, I thought maybe Cunningham had let it run too long, but then he provided an ending, then had me keeping the car on in a parking lot just so I could hear the rest.

The word that stood out for me most in this book was evanescence. It captures perfectly what Cunningham is doing here as he applies to relationships (between lovers, siblings, parents & children), art, and life. “This is the world,” Cunningham says and Dancy reads with the simplicity it demands. “You live in it.”

Brilliant, brilliant book.


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