As Easy as Falling Off the Face of the Earth (Perkins)

This is an odd exercise. I can’t figure out what Perkins is up to here. If it’s a coming-of-age story (as the ending suggests), it doesn’t work as we don’t really get the before picture of Ry.

There are images and perspective shifts that come across as gimmicks. In principle, I don’t have a problem with either, but they have to add something to the story.

The movement between Ry and the self-proclaimed omniscient narrator is shaky. Ry’s character is not credible. For a while, he seems quite young, but then suddenly he announces that he has a learning permit.

Overall, the plot just doesn’t hold up. I didn’t believe it. Perhaps that’s deliberate – that Perkins is after something more than realism here – but I couldn’t track it. I just think this one is a mess.


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