Inheriting the Holy Land (Miller)

Miller’s book, subtitled, An American’s Search for Hope in the Middle East, is remarkable for its impressive reach. Miller, in an admittedly privileged position, has access to places and people that most of us have only seen on TV. She interviews campers from Seeds of Peace ( – she was once one herself – as well as leaders from Israel and Palestine. Miller moves in and out of the story. She is open about her own reactions and biases (she is Jewish), but does not let them get in the way of her story. There are parts that make you feel like she’s found the hope she mentions in her subtitle (an issue that one of her readers questions her about on her book tour) and other sections will leave you despondent. What’s always been true and is illustrated over and over again here is that nothing in the Holy Land is simple, and nothing is likely to happen soon. The hope, Miller finds, is in the children. Though it sounds trite, she provides ample reasons why the more the old guard recedes from leadership, the greater the chance of, if not peace, then at least co-existence. If only the children that Miller talks to don’t learn too much from their elders. This is a well-balanced and important book.


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