The Angel Esmeralda (DeLillo)

Like others, I suspect, I became obsessed with DeLillo after reading White Noise. I absolutely inhaled Underworld and am pretty comfortable calling it the Ulysses of the second half of the 20th century. I went on quite a run after that, liking some, being confused by others, and eventually burning out a bit. Still, I hung on there. I enjoyed Cosmopolis (though the casting in the movie version made me stay away from that), The Body Artist, and Point Omega. I was disappointed by Falling Man. I think, perhaps, that he tried to write that story too soon after the events that inspired it.

I waited on this collection of short stories for a while. But once I started, I remembered my absolute love for his work. First of all, his dialogue is masterful. His grasp of the short story form is, in my opinion, just stunning. Each one is different. They keep you off-balance. Some seem to be seeds of story lines that show up elsewhere (the title story and one plot line in Underworld or “The Starveling” and Point Omega), but it’s like reading rough drafts of masterpieces. They are still pretty damn good. So is this whole collection.


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