The Girl of His Dreams (Leon)

I’m finding that Leon’s mysteries are the right pace for the car. If I miss a few moments, I can quickly recover the plot.

Leon’s writing is fine, if a bit predictably snide in places. I like the concept of how this book ended, if not the actual execution of it. She seemed to be scrambling too much to make it plausible. She could have taken an easier route. I did like how she let one plot strand just drop completely. She seems aware (and puts it in the mouth of her detective near the end) that not everything can be explained neatly, if at all.

Some characters came off as too stock this time – the clueless police superior, for example – but they don’t get in the way too much. I like that Leon has more than the mystery on her mind here. She seeks to explore the impact of immigration on Venice.

So even though the descriptions of the wonderful meals are painful to hear as I munch on a granola bar, I will listen to and perhaps even read another one of her mysteries.


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