So Long, See You Tomorrow (Maxwell)

This novel(la?) is remarkable. At 135 pages, this book is packed with the kind of small moments and details that explain why neighbors become friends and one of those friends  ends up killing the other. (This is not a spoiler. The killing comes early and is also described on the back of the book.) We need the story and so does the next generation. We explore the past with him as he tries to piece together how things fell apart.

It’s always hard to know how to best read such a short novel. (I have little use for the word ‘novella.’) I wanted to savor it, but I think the next time through I’ll aim to read it in one sitting.

Maxwell’s sentences and moments must be chewed on, so I went slowly. The characters are quickly and deftly drawn – as is the setting. Much is said in the words and in the silences.

I will not only read this again but look for other examples of Maxwell’s work. Any titles to recommend?


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