Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (Cain)

Cain, a self-confessed introvert (and there is a lot more to that word than I knew – she even has a special note on it after the book is over), has collected available research studies and anecdotes to show the spectrum of introverts, how cultures (especially Western ones) have an extrovert ideal, how introverts can provide balance in professions that generally favor extroverts (sales, Wall Street), and how it’s possible for introverts to learn some of the qualities of extroversion to use when they are necessary.

I found the book insightful and persuasive. I recognized myself and many people I know (and our relationships) in Cain’s descriptions. There’s a resource guide at the back. This is a book to keep and re-read. This is also a book for teachers. How many of you have written or said something akin to – “So and so needs to come out of his shell?” Some of the hints for educators made me wince. What, for example, does group work do for and to an introvert?

Cain’s prose is fine, though there are a few eyebrow raising moments. Is it really necessary to compare someone to a matured Lady Godiva?

If you consider yourself an introvert or are in a relationship with one (personal or professional), then this is necessary reading.


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