The Song of Achilles (Miller)

There is much to admire about this book, Miller’s first novel. She has clearly done her homework and is subtle about how she interweaves it into the narrative. Her interpretation of the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus is not new, but it is a story well-told. By relying on Patroclus as a narrator, she puts herself in a kind of a bind. But (as with the interpretation of the relationship between the two men, I’m trying to avoid spoilers) she deals with it well. Until page 369 of this 369 page book. Put it this way, I was tempted to tear it out.

As one of the few people I know who counts himself more of a fan of Iliad than Odyssey, I really enjoyed this book. I consider this impressive because there’s little in the plot that’s new. Miller offered one insight into Achilles’ pursuit of Hector that stopped me short because of its precision and, in my mind, accuracy. I look forward to her next effort.


One Reply to “The Song of Achilles (Miller)”

  1. I’ve heard nothing about great things about this one, though I’m curious about the contents of that last page now… love your commentary on it, hopefully I’ll have it in my hands soon!

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