The Thin Man (Hammett)

I think I’ve been curious about this book ever since I read Salinger’s allusion to a film version in The Catcher in the Rye. I’m not sure why I finally got to it, but I did. The appeal can’t be about the plot. After all, it takes 8 pages of exposition to unravel the mystery at the end. It has to be character – not just Nick & Nora, but the whole supporting crew – and dialogue. Hammett has his own language and its delightful to read. So this is not an earth or mind shattering book – more of a cultural artifact. Is the movie any good?


2 Replies to “The Thin Man (Hammett)”

  1. I had no idea this was a book! The movies were wildly popular, I don’t know how many they made, but it was a few.
    I read The Maltese Falcon, also by Hammet, and I really liked it. The movie is pretty great as well. It’s Humphrey Bogart at his best.

  2. I read this in September 2002 so I don’t remember much about it—-OK, I don’t
    remember anything about it. I’m sure I read it because our family just about
    grew up on the Thin Man movies. We have a bunch–The Thin Man, The Thin
    Man Goes Home, Another Thin Man, etc. William Powell and Myrna Loy and
    dog Asta are just terrific fun to watch. Add them to your Summer MOVIE List!
    Manhattan in the 1930s–great fun.

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