The Little Prince (de Saint-Exupery)

I know that some swear by this book, but as I was reading it aloud, it was difficult to see why. It certainly has the quality of a parable. And I know something of the circumstances behind its publication. (Should I need to know all of them to understand the book?) There were moments that made me grin with recognition, but, pictures notwithstanding, I’m not sure the kids enjoyed it too much. Or maybe I’m just one of those grown-ups that de Saint-Exupery mocks gently, one of those adults who just doesn’t understand.


One Reply to “The Little Prince (de Saint-Exupery)”

  1. I read this book several times when I was a kid and enjoy it every time. Some details namely the small own world and the -almost- obsession with the serpent are appreciated when you are very young. I don’t know if I’d like the book as much nowadays, though.

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