The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood (Gleick)

This book was a little of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed its discussion of language and thinking. It must have been incredible to be there at the beginning of so many issues that we now take for granted.

I have to admit that it started to get confusing for me when ‘entropy’ entered the picture. How a thing can mean both itself and its opposite is beyond me.

But I revived during Gleick’s discussion of Wikipedia. His focus was on the effort to have the public gather all of the information, but I thought he left unexplored the political implications of such an undertaking. Perhaps that wasn’t his focus, but once he dipped into the ‘inclusionist’ vs. ‘exclusionist’ argument, I expected more analysis of this issue.

Gleick’s writing works for the non-scientific mind (like my own). His discussion of the telegraph and of Alan Turing’s work were particularly vivid.


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