Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief (Mason with Gruenfeld)

The title pretty much sums it up. Mason comes across as a wee bit annoying. Everyone loves him and his loyal despite the danger he puts them in. At the same time, he does seem to have a kind of roguish charm. And I appreciate the way he points out the discrepancies between what we see of thieves in the movies and on TV and what happens in real life, particularly when it comes to something like picking locks.

I read it because of Mason’s connection with where I live now. I can’t imagine anyone outside of this area being interested. Lee Gruenfeld, as Mason’s co-writer, does him few favors. Mason is trying for a certain kind of voice – the ordinary guy – and Gruenfeld doesn’t help him pull it off. Nor does he help him keep Mason’s legal situation clear, and the efforts to make us feel any sympathy for Mason are feeble. It seems like he gets screwed by the system; it also seems like he deserves it.


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