With all of the glowing reviews about her newest book, The Goldfinch, I decided to give her first book, The Secret History, a try. There are only certain authors that I buy in hardback – Danticat, Lahiri, Ondaatje, Kingsolver, etc.. The Secret History is a hypnotic book. I wanted to gulp it in, and often did, pages at a time. As I was turning page after page after page (there are 559 of them), I had this nagging sense that there was something familiar about it – kind of a combination of Dead Poets SocietyLord of the Flies (did Bunny remind anyone else of Piggy?) and The Talented Mr. Ripley. Still, as good authors do, Tartt makes this story of an elite few under the spell of a charismatic teacher all her own. As I said, it’s hypnotic, but, like Chinese food, it left me hungry shortly after finishing it.

So I’ll wait on The Goldfinch. The summary of The Little Friend looks pretty good. Any thoughts on it?