Search the Dark (Todd)

There’s a murder in this well-titled mystery set in the post-World War I English countryside. In the midst of the investigation, another body is found. The trouble is finding the connection. Inspector Rutledge, who carries his own demons from the war, is sent to find not the guilty culprit, but the children of the woman who everyone thinks was murdered. (Trust me, it makes sense.) There are a few missteps here – some clunky dialogue, the predictably blustering boss – but this is a well-constructed mystery. Rutledge does not limit himself to the search for the children; he becomes involved in the investigation as the heavy shadow of the war looms over all involved. It was good to read a slow mystery – no cell phones, a very few weapons, no chases. Just Rutledge moving around the countryside trying to put it all together as he tries to keep himself together.

I accidentally chose this one, the third in the series, but it doesn’t seem like it matters if you read them out of order. I won’t rush out to get another, but I will return to another one with confidence.


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