Anselm Kiefer (Rosenthal)

When I was wandering around the Cleveland Museum of Art for the first time, I saw this picture, and it stopped me cold.

I stared at a long time – the depth of it, the mixture of materials, the seemingly apocalyptic setting. Then I approached the label and read the title (“Lot’s Wife”) and background. It remains a key fixture of my visits there. It’s in a perfect location. I looked in the gift shop for a copy, but the print couldn’t capture its 3-dimensionality, its depth.

Then I saw this one at the Toledo Museum of Art.

And I knew I had to see and know more. So I found this book at Loganberry Books , a great bookstore (

The images are astounding. I enjoyed watching his work evolve. I was less enthralled by Rosenthal’s accompanying essay. Granted, the chronological structure must have been limiting, but his insights about patterns, particular images, use of materials (etc.) were rarely helpful. I mostly just wanted to look at the pictures. And now I can do that anytime I want.


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