The Horse and his Boy (Lewis)

I know there are some disagreements about the proper order of the books. Our copy of this one says it’s book 5, but others have it listed as the third book. In any event, it took the wind out of our sails. The children said it was hard to follow. It wasn’t much fun to read out loud. Lots and lots of exposition. I still hope we’ll continue the series, but we all agreed to take a break.


2 Replies to “The Horse and his Boy (Lewis)”

  1. I haven’t read the Narnia books in a long time, but I think that when I was a kid I liked The Horse and His Boy the best. I think of it as having a more straightforward, traditional, plot. And I often forget that, despite the title, it isn’t a *girl* and her horse, because I identified so strongly (and read so many) girl-and-her-horse books.

    Do you mind if I ask how old the children are?

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