I like carnivals and amusement parks; I admit it. There’s a kind of poetry in them, I think. Maybe it’s a romantic idea. Who knows? That, and the summer, and a forthcoming adventure of my own, drove to me to this Stephen King novel. I enjoyed it. Like 11/22/63, I found it immensely readable. The story just moves. The people and places come alive. Everything is three-dimensional, textured. If King uses the mystery writer’s trick once too often – “But later that day I went and got them again. Something else, too” – well, I figure, he’s earned it. (Why not tell us what he got? He tells us pretty much everything else.) Also, there’s the larger question of why our narrator, Devin, is telling us the story at all, considering. . . Well, no spoilers.

Entertaining. A good story from a great storyteller.