Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Dweck)

I’ve read this before. I didn’t even check to see whether I’ve reviewed it before. Last time, I read it as an educator / leader and was blown away. It immediately went to the top of my “books that change the way I see the world” list. This time, I read it more as a parent, a person, and an educator. And it still blows me. It’s the kind of book that will make you feel known. Dweck fixed and growth mindsets are everywhere – in all aspects of our personal and professional lives – and it is a book I plan to keep near my desk at school as a consistent reminder of how I want to approach my own growth as well as the growth of my students.

Having read this twice now, I want to know who argues against it. I recall the anecdote of the music teacher who doesn’t think a prospective pupil is worth it, but given all of the examples and ideas Dweck – in her first book written for the public (and I mention this only because that makes its clarity all the more impressive) – offers, how can you argue? Do you know someone who contests this?

An inspirational and important book.



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