I can’t figure out why this book has been successful. It’s more like an outline or a sketch of a book than anything else. It probably would have been more successful if Dicker had let someone else write it. It just lacks credibility – the dialogue, the characters, the situation, the plot – all of it. And Dicker’s attempts at meta-commentary are just feeble; his notion of ‘love’ is (there’s no better word for it) reckless. Dicker has ideas here about sequencing that might have worked in someone else’s hands. This effort is just a mess.

Yet the cover proudly proclaims it is a #1 International Bestseller. Will someone tell me why? Between this and The Goldfinch, I think I need to stay away from the best seller list for a while.

I wish I would be more willing to just give up on books. At 643 pages, this one was definitely not worth the time.