When our daughter received her first American Girl as a gift, I took a deep breath and accepted it. When she started asking for books published by American Girl, I got a bit nervous. So rather than judge them based on who was publishing them, I decided to read one for myself. And. . . I was impressed. This book, written by Valorie Lee Schaefer with help from Cara Natterson, MD (and illustrated by Josee Masse) is quite good. It’s straightforward, easy to read, and specific. And, I admit, I learned a thing or two. It includes real letters and helpful responses to them. I am glad to know it’s in our daughter’s library.

My one objection is with the illustrations. Though Masse is careful to depict girls from many cultures, one wonders why, in a book that addresses issues about body shape and different rates of development, all of the girls are skinny.