The Master and the Margarita (Bulgakov)

The recent appearance of this novel on a Facebook friend’s Top 10 prompted me to finally take it off the shelf. Years ago, I saw a stage adaptation of the novel by the Lookingglass Theatre Company of Chicago and I remember thinking that it was. . . strange (

And so it took me a while to get up the courage to read the book. And I finally did and it was. . .


But strange in a good way, in an ahead-of-its-time funny kind of way. I mean this was Magical Realism before Marquez et al came on the scene, no?

With a limited understanding of context, I think I ended up with a limited understanding of the method behind Bulgakov’s madness. Still, the closing images of Pontius Pilate were profound, even for me.

I’d like to see the play again.


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