This book is clear and to the point. Silverman has done her homework and presents it in an organized fashion. I felt known by a few of her descriptions of the Dad’s role (the Joker, the “It’s not my Department” father) and disgusted by some of the anecdotes involving teachers.

I didn’t take the quizzes, and I’m not sure how to bring this more explicitly into my parenting (or my teaching – I whiffed on my first opportunity), but I found it quite inspirational and informative. This is a book I’ll keep close at hand.

In addition, it has plenty of great resources in the back.

One quibble: the title. As neither writing lines on the blackboard nor irony are well-understood by our daughter, I deliberately kept the book face down. I didn’t want our daughter to see Good Girls Don’t Get Fat. The subtitle clears it up, but I didn’t want any confusion.