The Whites (Price, writing as Brandt)

I love Richard Price’s work. I know he gets a lot of credit for his dialogue – and he should – but his ability to sketch out a world in just a few apparently easy and deft strokes – is just remarkable. A few words, and you are just right there. You are ready to be out there, doing the night shift, patrolling New York’s streets and your own life, between the hours of midnight and 8am.

I was bothered by Price’s decision to delay a key reveal until very late in the book, but upon reflection, I don’t see any other way he could have done it. We all have our whites (Moby Dick allusion); it’s just that for some of us, even naming it is the accomplishment.

One of the final speeches, made not by the main character, but by one of his friends, moved me to tears.

That’s the thing with Price; it’s all just so real.


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