Shake Loose My Skin (Sanchez)

I’d heard the name for years, but finally took the plunge. What a remarkable voice. From “Malcolm” –

what could have been

floods the womb until i drown.

These poems are political, personal, sexual; they are clearly meant to be heard – some moreso than others and these often fall a bit flat on the page. Her prose poems, like “Mrs. Benita Jones Speaks,” are amazing – theatrical and dynamic. From “Poem for July 4, 1994,”

For we the people will always be arriving

a ceremony of thunder

waking up the earth

opening our eyes to human


From an earlier section of the same poem –

It is essential that we finally understand

this is the time for the creative

human being

From “I Have Walked A Long Time” –

i have lived in tunnels

and fed the bloodless fish;


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