The Living Great Lakes (Dennis)

I’ve spent a fair amount of time living near one of the Great Lakes, but I am only now beginning to understand their role in the world and the problems we’ve caused them. It took a while to get going on this one, but once I did, I found it rewarding. Perhaps the pace is part of the point – that there’s something about the frenzied pace of everyday life that we’re forced to abandon if we’re sailing.

More likely, though, it seems like Dennis never really settles on a structure for the book. At times, he alternates between research and anecdote, and this is where the extended sections of research can get tiresome. When the research is integrated into the narrative of his time spent on board the Malabar, the narrative flows much more successfully.

The book did not inspire me to want to go sailing. It did inspire me to want to learn more about how to protect our lakes.


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