The Fortieth Day (Ali)

Sometimes, it can be illuminating to read an author’s work in order, not because the work requires it (as in a series of books), but because it allows you to see the evolution of an author’s voice. I love Ali’s Sky Ward. I found the poems here (published 5 years earlier) more challenging to approach. That said, I believe I can see the seeds of what will become the vivid and layered work in Sky Ward.

From the title forward, there is much to consider here. Much of it, and I mean this literally and figuratively for spacing matters here, seems to be between the lines. With some poking and prodding, I found I could tease out fragments of meaning for myself, but this probably speaks more to my abilities as a reader of poetry than Ali’s work. I do enjoy his questions, his attention to what is I believe called the quotidian as he contemplates things on a grander scale.

















































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