Chorus: A Literary Mixtape (Williams)

I am not sure what the hell this is. It’s poetry, to be sure. I didn’t know to take the word ‘mixtape’ literally until the end when Williams explains how he collected the material and chose / edited / arranged it. I’m not sure what he did. There are a lot of interesting moments throughout. And some clunkers. The decision to print some letters / words / phrases in lighter ink perplexed and slightly annoyed me. But what the hell? It’s a manifesto of sorts. Someone has contributed these words to a kind of introduction to the piece: “Here is the voice of the un-dead and the un-compromised. Make no tradition of this. We have had enough.” There’s a lot to unpack there. And in the subsequent 90+ poems and blank pages where we’re invited to add our own voice. I’m okay swimming within my uncertainty. Williams is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve missed a few opportunities to hear him live. I hope not to miss another.


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