Courageous Conversations About Race (Singleton & Linton)

This was not a great book to read alone. While there were reflection opportunities, the book and, as I understand it, the very process requires conversation. It’s a useful resource book for me, but I think it’s one where either the school is all-in and everyone reads it, or it’s not going to have the desired impact.

I get nervous when educators put numbers on things. The 6 agreements, etc.. Still, I get the point of the process for both individuals and a group. I wasn’t too impressed with the limited research the authors provided to demonstrate that their system works. And i was disappointed, in the end, that the authors dictate that the Principal should be leading the work. I guess I’ve transformed into more of a grassroots guy.

It also seems like an exhausting and consuming process and, as far as I could could tell, there was no real consideration of how to incorporate new teachers the next year. Having started at a school once in the second year of their work, I definitely felt the absence of what I’d missed – the newly common vocabulary.


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