March: Book Three (Lewis, Aydin, Powell)

I think this is the best of the trilogy. Two things struck me right away. First, there’s less of Obama’s inauguration. Second, the art seems different – darker and less confined to the boxes. The story continues to be amazing. Though I knew most of the names and the incidents, it was quite something to realize that these pieces of history I knew were all pretty much happening at the same time. I appreciated Lewis’ candor about the in-fighting between and among various groups – SNCC, SCLC, etc. – as well as the beginning of impatience with Dr. King.

Now I issue my regular challenge to those who make graphic novels. If you want us to use them in schools, you must make them cheaper. You might even turn this trilogy into a school edition box set. This is a story that needs to be told, and this was a great way to tell it.

National Book Award for Young People’s Literature


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