milk and honey (Kaur)

There are a lot of things this book is – On the bestseller list. Well-illustrated. Explicit. Bold.

Here are a few things this book is not: Good. Poetry.

For those who have suffered any kind of sexual trauma, Kaur’s voice will likely be refreshing. Welcome. Needed. This pieces (mantras? affirmations? fortune cookies?) read once daily could, I imagine, genuinely be useful for such people, especially girls and women.

For those looking for poetry? For the well-turned phrase? For the innovative use of form as it relates to content? For the best words in the best order? For thoughts, insights, or ideas that are both inviting and challenging? For art?

Look elsewhere.

There are a few moments that suggest Kaur may have a future – but a very few. More often, her words are pretentious and banal. Even the epigraph and note to the reader are nauseating.

If this book helps some people, great. If it serves as a gateway to more poetry for others, wonderful. If its success allows Kaur to take a break to develop and refine her skills, awesome. Otherwise. . .




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