The Alienist (Carr)

I’m not sure where I got it or why I pulled it off the shelf. Perhaps, having just taken a short trip to New York, I was in the mood for something set there. In any event, after a while (and too much clumsy exposition in the form of, ‘look at me, I did research!’ on Carr’s part), I got into the story. I appreciated the way that form followed function. In other words, the lead investigator in this mystery has a new theory about how to work, and Carr mirrored that in the structure of his work. Aside from a few unlikely action sequences, this was a generally pleasant and easy read. And it was nice to read a story, any story (but especially a mystery) that did not use cell phones to move the plot along. People actually had to wait for things, and I liked how Carr made that waiting part of his characterizations and the overall plot.


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