Game of Thrones (Martin)

I was challenged to read it, so I read it. All 806 pages and 5 lines on p. 807. And, to be honest, it wasn’t as terrible as I expected. It’s very visual. There are moments I’ll remember. Generally, though, I found it full of stereotypes, predictable plots, misogyny and cluttered with unnecessary amounts of detail. For most of it, I was just plain bored. I haven’t watched the TV show; nor do I intend to. And I’m not going to read any of the sequels. It was all just mediocre, and when Martin ran out of angles for his mortals to consider, he resorted to the supernatural. And it was all a path to set up for a sequel, which is not a move I admire. Books ought to be able to stand on their own. Overall? Yawn.


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