I am a high school English teacher in Cleveland.


3 Replies to “About”

  1. Hello again Charles.

    Thank you for living in my book for a while. It’s a heavy contemplative work threaded by echoes, as you know, but I had to find a string of vignettes that reflected the way the narrative worked and still be an entertaining reading there in a Cleveland bar. I could have chosen any of many other strings, but I thought following the sub-theme I read for you was representative of how the experience of the book is built. Not it’s best parts (though certainly some of the few with any dialog), just some that could feel lighter while discussing the child’s journey toward what death is. I hope you found more writing in there worth the time reading it.
    As for my father’s book, well, I meant that as a gift for anyone who truly appreciates serious literature. Not so much as a challenge.
    Keep reading out there. I hope we meet again in a room somewhere. I’ll try to write new sentences for you, stack them on pages, bring order to it all. Maybe one good poem.



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